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Explosion proof single point load cells ideal for hazardous environment applications

Capacity Model No. CAD File
30kgf LCB01K030E CAD Download
60kgf LCB01K060E
150kgf LCB02K150E CAD Download
300kgf LCB06K300E CAD Download
600kgf LCB06K600E
Explosion proof class ExdlBT4 conformed
Adjusted for four corners
Tension and compression loading
Maximum pan sizes are 400×400mm(LCB01),400×600mm(LCB02)and 600×700mm(LCB06)
Rated capacities 30kgf, 60kgf, 150kgf,300kgf,600kgf
Rated output 0.3mV/V±10%(LCB01/02) 0.55mV/V±10%(LCB06)
Maximum Safe overload 150% of R.C.
Combined error 0.03% of R.O.
Zero balance 20±5% of R.O.
Compensated temperature range -10°C~40°C
Recommended excitation voltage 12V
Maximum excitation voltage 15V
Input terminal resistance 410±20Ω
Output terminal resistance 350±5Ω
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ at DC50V
Temperature effect Zero 0.05% of R.O./10°C
Span 0.03% of Load /10°CTyp.
Cable Length o 7/6m
Dust & Waterproof IP54
Maximum pan size 400×400mm(LCB01)



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