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MS / MX / MF / ML
MS-70,MX-50,MF-50,ML-50 Ultra high repeatability of
0.001% (MS-70), 0.01%(MX-50)
(S.D.)in moisture content determination!

PDF Brochure (PDF 907KB)
PDF Manual (PDF 1,314KB)
PDF User's Handook (PDF 1,122KB)
Super Hybrid Sensor VFD Display External Calibration RS-232C Interface GLP Compliant Software                  
Fast and uniform heating with a straight halogen lamp and innovative SRA
   (Secondary Radiation Assist) technology shorten measurement time
Standard WinCT-Moisture (for MS-70 & MX-50 only) for easy analyzing mode setting
   through PC and for real-time graph displaying of moisture content rate change while measuring
Sodium Tartrate Dehydrate with its stable moisture rate comes standard for accuracy checking
Optional temperature calibrator, calibration result can be output
Memory function allows 20 (10 for MF-50, 5 for ML-50) suitable measurement conditions
   according to sample and 100 (50 for MF-50, 30 for ML-50) measurement result data storage and outputs
Four choices of measurement programs, Standard, Automatic Complete, Timer, and
   Manual Mode are selectable
Clear and easy-to-see, large VFD display shows measurement, setting value, change
   in moisture content, action status, data number and other important information
Low maintenance cost assured, thanks to user replaceable halogen lamp
   without unit downtime with protective chamber for easy clean
Progress window for heating check
"Quick Mode" in the measurement program for drying the sample faster
   by heating the sample at 200-C for 3 minutes.
Self check function
Conformity to GLP,GMP,GCP and ISO with date /time ,ID calibration data and check record     outputs
Standard disposable alminum pan (100pcs.)
OP-30 Disposable Aluminum Weighing Pan (100pcs)
OP-31 Sample Pan (85mm x 100pcs)
OP-32-1 Glass Fiber Sheet (70mm x100pcs)
OP-32-2 Glass Fiber Sheet (78mm x100pcs)
OP-33 Test Sample (Sodium Tartrate Dehydrate, 30gx12pcs )
PDFMaterial Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
OP-34-120V Halogen lamp for AC100V to 120V
OP-34-240V Halogen lamp for AC200V to 240V
OP-35-Pan Handle (2pcs)
OP-36 Tweezers (2pcs)
OP-37 Spoon (2pcs)
OP-38 Display Cover (5pcs)
OP-39 Dust cover
OP-40 RS232C cable (2m, 25-9pins)
OP-41 Calibration Mass (20g, equivalent to OIML class F1)
OP-42 WinCT-Moisture (CD-ROM, Application Software for Windows)
OP-43 Certified Temperature Calibrator (only for MX-50)
Model moisture content display Capacity Resolution Resolution Pan Size O
MS-70 0.001%/0.01%/0.1% 71g 0.0001g 30-200C 85mm
MX-50 0.01%/0.1% 51g 0.001g 50-200C
MF-50 0.05%/0.1%/1% 0.002g
ML-50 0.1%/1% 0.005g



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